traveling plans

the world is so big and I want to see all of it! but where do I start?

my plans change almost every week, I really can’t make a decision. and then I remember that I don’t need to.

I can do everything I want,

go everywhere my heart leads me to!

of course, in consideration of the fact I want to walk the most parts, I need a little bit longer. but this shouldn’t be a problem, since I terminated the agreement with my old life and don’t have to come back.

be free



my current traveling plans are*:

– I start in france, walk (sometimes) the camino de santiago until spain.

– the inner of spain I want to hitchhike because I already walked it last summer.

– then I want to walk from santiago until gibraltar, along the coast.

– once there, I want to take the ferry until morocco.

-there’s an ancient trading route from morocco until egypt via the sahara (with the beduin). I want to find out more about, because I really want to do this.

-from egypt I want to go israel and jordan.


this are the first plans. east and south africa, also east europe and asia will following..

travel is..

*subject to change (:


the pics on this blog post are taken from facebook.


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