hello and welcome!

this blog is my diary to my personal -eat pray love- story!

I write about my life(style) as a wanderer, a free gypsy soul, looking for its true being and spiritual adventures..

your path




everything started with a personal crisis and the feeling that I don’t fit in this society.
I wanted to go on adventures and finding myself. travel around the world, but I didn’t have any money. so what to do?

well, the desire became stronger, so I had to be creative. this is what happened:

my project is to hike and travel, wherever I want, how long I want.
for free or little money.


on my journey I want to meet beautiful souls,

eccentric strangers, fall in love with the world,

learn more about other cultures and of course about myself.


in the beginning I was afraid like crazy, but deep inside I felt: all or nothing!

I spoke with a lot of inspiring people who helped me to make a choice. I saw that they live on purpose and I thought by myself: if they can, I can also!! and so,

here I go!


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