turkish crazy

i love turkey and the turks.

i really really do. ❤




but when it comes to turkish people and me, there are some questions..


normally a conversation starts like this:

“..”= turkish people
‘..’= me

“where are you from?”
“what are you doing in turkey?”



“walking??? whyyyy??????”
’cause i like it.’

“????”, ” aaaah…”, “(i guess she’s crazy..)”





“where is your husband?”
‘i am single.’

“you are alone?? why????”

“aahh.”, “(she MUST be crazy)”





after this shock, anyway they see that i am a nice person and relax a bit.





“stefan”, (they can’t say stephania, i don’t know why ^^),
“here you have some food. my wife made it.”
‘thank you so much hassan, but i don’t eat animal products, i try to eat vegan.’


“….”, “(definitely she IS crazy!!!!!)”




and this from guys who drive like crazy. very fast in the one-way-street.
(in switzerland even the birds respect the traffic regulations and fly in the right direction…)

“i am sorry i have to drive that fast. here’s one-way-street. i have to pass as fast as possible because of the drivers coming from the opposite.”


*police stands next to it. noticing it.*


“they are looking for terrorits. they don’t care how i drive”
‘….’, ‘aah..’, ‘(they are crazy!)’





from guys who are wearing guns like swiss people wear briefcases..


“because of the boars!”
‘…..’, ‘ aaahh..’, ‘(definitely they ARE crazy!!!)




from guys like this:


“stefan, come!”
‘my name’s stephania’

“yes i know. it’s what i said.
stefan, come!”





‘mmmhh.. maybe i am a bit crazy’


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