“I felt like i hurt you last night. I thought maybe i shouldn’t have kissed you. Or touched.

I felt guilty after.

I had the feeling i broke you. I am so sorry”,

He says.




“You are right. I am hurt. I am broken. But not through you.”,

She replies.





He broke her.

The only one who ever should have been her protector.

The one who should have take her in his strong, powerful arms when she was innocent and vulnerable and needed him the most.



But he needs her in a different way, he whispered in her ear.

He feels lonely, he said.

She is the only one who understands him, and can give him what he needs, he said.



And then he took it from her.


In the dark of the night, when no one could see it.

When the curtains where closed and mama was sleeping.


He took it, and he broke it.


Her heart. Her trust. Her childhood.






“In moments like this”, she says, “when you come close to me and want to feel me, i am still broken.

But I am strong and i am a fighter.

Even when i am hurt, even when I am still bust.

I heal.

Because love and trust are stronger than anything else.

And i love, and i trust.

A billion times and more”, she wispers.




And her eyes are shining.



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