What i wish for you ♡

I sit at the beach and listen to the waves.

My body is laying in the sand and i feel the breathe of mother earth.


I close my eyes, but still see the endless universe with its wonderful stars.

Surrounded by all this love and peace, my tears are flowing. My heart is overwhelmed and overflowing of love, and sadness..

And i send a prayer to heaven.


I wish you love to heal your broken heart.

Truth to hear the wispering voice of your soul.

Peace to listen to your still heart.

Trust to make the right decisions, guided by your inner knowledge.

Wisdom to do it in an easy, smooth way.

Power to stand in for what your soul and heart want and need.

The knowledge that you are never alone, guided and loved by all your angels, sparkling fairies and god.

May you find a love who can help you heal.

A soulmate who brings you back to innocence – the place where your heart is and the beeing you truly are.

I wish you a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic..

This, and more..

Goodnight, beautiful soul ♡


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