How i lost and refound the connection to my heart

I am very brave.


And strong.


And i go my way.



But when it comes to love and relationships, i become completely weak and fragile.

I am so connected with myself, enjoy life to the fullest, and then a guy shows up..

And my world starts to shake. I loose the connection to myself, i don’t know what to do and where to go.

Nowhere i feel comfortable.

I am so afraid.

Afraid that the other person doesn’t love me anymore, somewhen. (Even when i don’t love this person yet..?!)

Afraid of loosing myself in the other person.

Afraid of forgetting all my needs, giving up my needs for the other.

Afraid of giving up myself.



No one (except my parents..) ever asked me to do that. But it’s my pattern.

So it happened this time. I’ve met someone i like.

I lost myself, the connection to myself.


I was incredible afraid to not beeing loved.

Or beeing left alone.


I run away.

I suffered.

And the most painful was, i lost the connection to myself..

I didn’t listen to my needs anymore. I couldn’t even feel them.


I was angry with life.

And then i started to feel this feelings. I accepted them and embraced it.


I allowed myself to be weak, lost, on a lower vibe.


And i decided to love me. Always and forever!!








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