how to attract something great

with the last post “let go, part one and two” i showed you how you can let go easily to make space for something new. today i want to show you how you can fill the empty space with something wonderful: order to the universe this may sound funny to you. when i heard it first i had to smile too. but now i’ve found out that with positive thinking (also called order to the universe) god, the endless light or love or however you want to call it, will help you to live a happy life. most of the things i write here i learned from louise l. hay. if you are interested in more you can read a lot in the internet or watch her videos on youtube. i would like to tell you what i’ve learned from her. be thankful for everything you have yes. already right now. i know there are some things you wish more. but if you order at the universe with the emotion of: ‘i don’t have enough’, the universe will only bring you what you think: not enough. like this ‘you will never have enough’. so better look around and be thankful for what you have. i am sure there is a lot. every night before i sleep i think about my day and for everything i was happy or learned something i be thankful. like this the universe will bring you more and more, because you think: ‘ i have so many wonderful things’, so the universe continues and will bring you many wonderful things. i am so thankful for:

  • that i woke up this morning. healthy and rich, in a wonderful bed.
  • the great fresh, healthy food i get every day.
  • my friends.
  • the smile of the old man on the street.
  • my job i love
  • and many more..

find out what you want are you looking for a new job or apartment? or a great boyfriend? the universe can only bring you, what you order. but don’t lose yourself in superficial details. the universe doesn’t care about that your new boyfriend must have blond hair. of course it will bring you one with blond hair, but maybe he doesn’t make you happy.. there are things who are lots more important than how somebody looks like. so always order with your heart, not with your ego. see yourself how you are happy with a guy or in the beautiful garden of your new apartment. show the universe what you want. so it can bring it to you. be worth it when you make a wish, watch how you think about it. you may wish for a lot of money, but inside thinking that rich people are snobs. or you want to have a very good job, but in you it is still thinking that you don’t deserve a great boss and so on. if you believe it won’t work, it won’t. so easy. frame your phrase positive if you want to have a new car, it doesn’t help you to think: i hate my car. even when you will get a new one, soon you will hate it too. because this is what you thinking inside. better think. i love my wonderful new car and i am so thankful for it! if you think that is not easy to wish, it won’t be easy for you. receive be happy and enjoy it! receive you create your world with your thoughts! lots of love nomadissima photos are taken from facebook


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