let go, part two

yesterday i gave you some general tips for letting go. the post today is for the letting-go professionals and for the one’s who want to come there. 😉


if letting go is no problem for you, start with personal (=old emotions) things.

clothes and accessories
maybe in your bedroom. is there a wardrobe with clothes you didn’t wear for 1 year? then you won’t wear it next year, even you think you will. i promise. if you didn’t wear the t-shirt for 4 months but you can’t let go, put it in the front and wait 1 week. if you don’t wear it at that time, let it go. you won’t wear it this friday, neither to the birthday party of your best friend next year. the same for accessories.

i understand it’s nice to have some photos from your ex-boyfriend and your holiday in st. moritz or kho phi phi. but serious, why you still have it? if you don’t know, sit down a quiet moment, look at the photos and feel the feelings. breathe. maybe cry (of pain or happiness, it doesn’t matter). and then, let go.

it is your past. you are not there anymore. you won’t go there anymore.

photos are so emotional. let go of these old emotions. let them free! same is with the 746 photos of your childhood or your turtle you had when you were 2. and also the

ancient memorabilia (21 small quilts or 6 candle holders)
which your mother bought for you when you had your first day at school or your first apartment alone. also here it is the same: you are not there anymore. you are now, here! it’s nice to have something from your mother, but one is enough, isn’t it?

i am interested how it was for you. if you want you can share your experiences down in the comments.

i wish you a happy clear-day!

photos are taken from facebook


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