let go, part one

experience taught me, that when you want to attract something new, you have to let go first.

my wonderful cousin deborah said it like this:”sometimes it happens to me that the universe is knocking on my door and says: ‘deborah, we would love to bring you the gift you ordered. but we can‘t bring it yet, there is no space.’ then i make some place in my wardrobe or the basement and the next day my order comes directly.’

try it by yourself, it will work!


but how you can let go the best? i will give you some tips.

muck out takes its time. if you just say: ‘’i will do it tomorrow’’, than you maybe have more important things to do, like watch tv, surf hours on facebook or save the world.

  • plan and note it in your calendar
    like this you can prepare yourself emotionally and organize it.
  • if possible take a whole day, but at least 2 hours (maybe a rainy sunday afternoon)
    than you can take it easy, enjoy it and don’t have to stress. because once started, you will go with the flow, love it and maybe don’t want to stop.
  • invite a friend who will help you
    if possible your friend shouldn’t be a messie. i don’t have a problem with messies but i guess it wouldn’t help you to let go.. you need someone who support you and sometimes critically observe you: “but the last time you wore that t-shirt you told me that you don’t feel comfortable in..”
  • put your favourite music, candles and incense sticks
    make it so ceremonial as possible, celebrate it and enjoy! make it to something special, because hey! soon you invite something great and wonderful in your life!
  • wear your most comfortable clothes which you feel great in
  • prepare some great, healthy and powerful snacks in advance. you will need it, the whole action will make you hungry 🙂
  • be prepared that it can be very emotional and you will feel a lot of feelings during the eviction.
  • buy big plastic bags. at least 30 litre, maybe you want to try 70 😉 (the more old you let go, the more new can come). but don’t buy 100 litre, you will have a hard time to haul it down from your apartment in the 4th floor to the landfill.
  • take your time and enjoy.


begin with one room
walk around in your apartment. you will feel in which room you can start. if you have no idea, start at a place which contains the most impersonal things for you. in the beginning it may happen to you that you won’t let go easily. don’t give up! after letting go the first things you will find out how wonderful it is to make space for something new and you will feel so light and blithe. but to make it easy as possible for you, start with things you don’t have a personal relation with.

this is for everybody a different place. maybe for you it is:

  • the kitchen with all the old glasses, the ugly plates and the tupperware who doesn’t close or have no cover anymore.
  • the bathroom with all the creams who are almost empty, the eyeshadow you used once in 5 years or the 3 different shavers (i’ve heard that you can shave yourself with only one!!).
  • the cleaning wardrobe with its 70 different cleaning products.. (be honest. do you really like cleaning that often that you need a reserve for 132 years?)
  • this one little wardrobe in the entry (yes i know it’s very useful to put everything who has no specific place there.. but it blocks the entry, so nothing new can enter!)

cull your things
go around in the room you choose and take out everything which you have twice. even one is beige and the other khaki (even it’s a huge different between this two colours!).

if you cull a wardrobe, take everything out and put it on the floor. then you can take away the things you really don’t need anymore. you will see, some things will go easily, others will be a lot harder. for the difficult things i recommend you to take piece by piece and ask yourself for every item:

  • what for do i need it?
  • when will I need it the next time?
  • do I already have something similar?
  • do I really really need it?

if you want to let it go, put it in the plastic bag.

the thing you want to keep (do you really REALLY need it? you can’t live without it? even your cat cannot live anymore when you don’t have it?) you can put on the floor. like this you see all the things you want to keep. if it is still too much, start again with “cull your things”.

when you are happy because the 7th plastic bag is full and on the floor is almost nothing, you can put it back in your wardrobe. if there is some empty space (enjoy!!! place for something new) don’t worry too much, it will be full again soon..

repeat it
as much as possible. it is like our wardrobe fills itself automatically again as soon there is some space. cull your things once, maybe twice (or if you feel the need to do it more often, of course you should do it) a month. this is a good possibility to always have some space for new things in your life.

if you need any more tips, please come back to my blog on sunday. i will continue with tips for professionals of “letting-go” 🙂

until then i wish you a wonderful day.

lots of love


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