looking back

hello beautiful souls

as you can read in my latest posts, i am on the road now. i started directly to write about morocco, because it was that impressive. but in this post i will tell you more about how i came to here. it’s wonderful and i already experienced a lot.


on the road

the begin felt not so easy as i imagined it would be. things didn’t flow that simple and i had some problems to start and find myself in place. let me tell you about.

i started from switzerland at the border to germany, where i’ve met a guy who was driving the same direction than me: pamplona, spain. i wanted to go there to walk the camino the santiago (you can read more about my plans here). we were driving slowly by taking small streets through france, visited some cities and slept in the car. it was quiet funny and we had an entertaining journey together. arrived in pamplona he let me out and i started to walk. if you want to see some beautiful pictures of this journey and camino de santiago, click here.


camino de santiago

i have to say that i didn’t like it that much than i expected. the way was nice, but i missed the sea. my plans were to wildcamp, but it was still too cold. as you know i love to meet people. but during this time i just didn’t find a connection with anybody on this route.. i imagined having wonderful, deep conversations. that i can share my impressions, feelings and thoughts with open hearted people. but it wasn’t like this. not at all.

i felt lonely. closed. bored. not inspired. just not fine.

you should know that i believe in the law of attraction, which means that everybody is attracting what he/she is sending out. i see the world as a mirror. everything that happens to me and everybody who is crossing my way is a reflection of my inner self and shows me what’s inside of me. thanks to this view of life i have the possibility to learn about myself and it lets me grow.

so, what wanted this experience tell me? that my heart is closed ? deep inside i felt it was like this. but what could i do about it? i didn’t like this situation, i felt isolated and prisoned within myself. i talked with my friends and told them about my feelings. i wrote a lot. this helped me to connect with my inner self and i could open myself to the question:

what would help me now to feel more comfortable?

some hours after asking this questions it started to rain and being cold. now i had a reason to leave the camino the santiago (and maybe also this situation 😉 ). i checked the weather around south europe and found out that it’s warm and sunny in lisbon.

oh how did it feel good to imagine going to portugal!

but then i remembered that i had some plans. i wanted to walk the camino de santiago, first in spain and then continue to portugal. so what should i do? luckily i listened to my heart. i hitchhiked to the bigger bus station in logrono and took the bus there until lisbon. it was one of my best decisions ever!

in the bus, i had a wonderful, deep touching encounter with aysha (post about it is in progress). the first time since long that i felt having a connection to myself again. it was so wonderful to feel it!



i loved lisbon that much. what a wonderful city, i really enjoyed it! i felt happy and connected. i visited a lot of things and enjoyed the time with my warm hearted, open minded and musical host janio from brasil.




during this stay i’ve read in facebook that there is a rainbow gathering close to lisbon. well, i am a hippie at heart and as you can read in my plans (here) did i plan to go there next year, and now it was so close! so i left lisbon after 3 days and continued to odemira to the rainbow gathering. i was so nervous i almost couldn’t sleep that night.


rainbow gathering

was a funny experience. a lot of music, art and happy people. it was all about dancing, singing and sharing. one of the loveliest memories i have from it was the rainbow song:

it was raining the whole day, so i spent most of the time in my tent. in the afternoon i’ve heard some people cheering and giggling. i am curious and of course i had to go out to see what is happening there. it was so cute. there was a huge rainbow and people were dancing barefoot in the rain, some were playing guitar and drums and all of them were singing the rainbow song.

finally the gathering was a nice experience and i’ve met some beautiful souls there.


rota vicentina

i continued by foot and walked the rota vicentina along the coast. this days were just great. i walked kilometres next to the beach, barefoot in the sand. during the night i camped in the dunes. it was wonderful to walk close to the ocean, to sleep under the stars and to have sunshine every day!



i deeply connected with myself these days. i dreamed a lot, cried and started to recover myself from the last year (i had a big crisis, you can read it here).



i’ve met so many open people. they just started to talk to me and we ended drinking a tea or eating lunch together. some of them were funny. some interesting and others deep and touching.

after walking and camping some days there i felt the need to continue to morocco. i didn’t imagine that i will travel fast than this, but like my latest decisions were right i continued to follow my heart.



so finally i hitchhiked from zambujeira do mar to lagos.




*continued from lagos to faro.



from faro to sevilla.




and from sevilla to terifa, where i took the ferry to tanger, morocco.


and now i am exploring north africa and have already a lot of funny moroccan stories to tell 🙂 (which you can read here and here).

i will keep you updated and until than:


om shanti shanti shanti


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