the door of mama africa

i didn’t write for a long time, but now i am on the road and so happy that i can tell you the different experiences i make. until now there are lots, but i just want to start with the funniest one – tanger, the door to africa!


so, where do i start. i came with the ferry from tarifa. which was wonderful! arrived at the port of tanger, it took a guy 30 seconds to come to me and offered me his help. he said that his name is mohamed (i guess almost everyone is called mohamed here 😉 ) and that he is working for the port and want to help me, because, like he said: “outside the port people are not so friendly and want to fool you”.

he asked me where i am from and i answerd his question with switzerland. hearing my answer, he was really pleasured and said “chuchichäschtli” (it sounds a little bit like kookikashtlee), which is a known complicated swiss word and has the simple meaning cupboard. i was like “yeah so cool, why do you know this word?” and his answer was “i have a brother in switzerland. so you are like my sister. i am going to take good care of you”. then he accompanied me outside and he went on and on to me. he was asking many questions and gave me a looot of tips like “go to the hotel manola, it’s very good there”, and so on.

you know, all these things happened so fast. i couldn’t say anything or do anything. i was still looking around, wondering, realizing that i am in africa now. and this guy just overran me. so many impressions!

but let’s go on with the story. i was like no i want to go to another hostel and neither need your help, thank you and adios. he didn’t like my answer that much, looked at me a little bit huffy and backed off.

2 minutes later. new guy, old story:

“hey nice girl, where are you from?”
“i am from switzerland.”
“oh great: chuchichäschtli! i know this word because my brother lives in switzerland.”

yeah, of course he does. and because of this, you are taking good care of me now, don’t you?
he did. and because of this he wanted me to bring to a very good and cheap hotel. do you guess which one?

eeeexactly. manola. (it seems like every guy in tanger (i bet his name is mohamed too) is working for this hotel.)

so i continued my way to the city on my own and some more guys offered me hotels. i got really curious about and because of this i wanted to look at another guy’s offer. i had good luck, due to the fact that this guy has a brother living in switzerland and because of this i was like his sister and he was taking good care of me (his words). i only told him that it has to be cheap.

so, this is where the story starts.

he fooled me around in this labyrinth of alleyways and like i had to process all the impressions i’ve got and had to answer to him to maaany questions i realized only a little bit that we were moving in a circle. there’s one good thing about it: i know every, but really e-v-e-r-y side street of tanger now. so if you need a side street guide, just contact me 😛


but back to my almost-brother. he brought me to a private accommodation, which was nice – and expensive. so i had to decline. after that he brought me to the hotel.. MANOLA. (i knew you would find it out. you’re a clever guy  🙂 ). so finally i arrived at this infamous hotel. he didn’t lie. it was cheap. but also dirty. and a ruin. so i kindly had to refuse also.

well, now i wasn’t his sister anymore..
yes i know. sad story. but i am strong, i could handle it. i hope he will too.


the door of mama africa called tanger is loud and busy.



colourful and wonderful.



quiet and relaxed.



with a lot of almost-brothers called mohamed.
so, i am in good hands.




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