human, please be human!

we are here to make human experiences. but what does this mean?

lots of spiritual people think, that they have to become enlightened or act like they already are. but are we here to become it? or to act like we are?

drop the idea of becoming someone or something, because you are already a masterpiece. you cannot be improved. you have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it. osho


and what does it mean, to be enlightened?


enlightenment means


yes, it is important to look on your subconscious. beacuse there you will find plenty of old patterns you were educated to. but once you´ve found all these roles, the emotions and feelings behind them, what to do with?

live it. just live it.

don’t think about it (like: I will never be happy again, it doesn’t make sense, etc.) just feel it and go deep into it. feel your body and your soul.

where does it touch you? where does it hurt you? don’t push it away. go through it and feel your emotions. it doesn’t matter if it´s sadness, anger, pleasure, jealousy, fear, insecurity and so on.


you are a human being
humans have feelings and emotions. we are here to practice, to feel and act. you can’t push your emotions away nor fool them (by example by thinking you can prevent making an experience twice). this emotions are inside of you. they will find you. over and over again. you will attract similar experiences until you look at your feelings, welcome them and give your recognition to them by living and feeling. then they have fulfilled their mission and can leave you..

you don´t believe me that it´s easy like this? try it yourself.

it is true, it doens´t make fun all the time. it hurts to feel this old emotions – even more to let them go. but it frees yourself. it´s worth it. you are worth it!

so, human, please be human!


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