happiness barriers

your task is not to seek for happiness, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

maybe you ask yourself, why I start a post whit this statement. almost every human being wants to be happy and doesn’t build any barriers against happiness.

it`s what I thought.

and then I found more and more from this “happiness-barriers” inside myself. I noticed that they´re hidden very clever. when I looked around, I saw that everybody has them, mostly in a different way, but they all have one thing in common:

they prevent you from being happy.


find joy


most of the time these blockades grow from the way we think about ourselves. our expectations of ourselves are too high – or completely not adapted to our being. we want to be like other people wants us to be. but this is rarely the right way to feel blitheness..

  • maybe you want to travel the world, but your idea is to finish your study first.
  • or you want to marry and have a child, but you think you can only do this after many years of working experience.
  • you don’t feel attractive because you don’t wear the freshest fashion.
  • or you are not happy in your actual job, but you changed your work already 3 times and you´re afraid that your next employer won’t take you because of this.
  • you think a lot about starting your own business, but you believe that you have to have many years of experience and a bachelor of economics.
  • maybe you love another wonderful soul, but the loved one doesn’t fulfill your criteria and because of this you can`t be together with her/him.

and so many more..
all these barriers clogs you from living your dreams and from being happy. you are here on earth to make experiences. don`t hang on to these blockades.

let them go.

stop thinking..

start feeling!

listen to your heart, it knows your true wishes and also what makes you happy. ask yourself and feel your body during thinking about it:

  • what makes your eyes shining?
  • your heart singing?
  • your life worthy to live it?

then go for it!!

it`s your life, only YOU have to live it. listen to YOUR heart and go YOUR way. as the german teacher and speaker veit lindau uses to say:

you will die. start to live.


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