beautiful souls

we are all travelers in this world and make our experiences. every human being is a wonderful soul on a journey to its self. in everybody’s face we can read a whole life story, in the eyes we see a deep inner world who is telling us about feelings and emotions.

a real deep, true face to face encounter is what gives me strength and touches my soul. I love to feel other human beings, to touch their souls and to grow together with them – or because of them.

beautiful souls

to look in someone’s eyes, to hear about their experiences, to let take down the wall in my heart, piece by piece, is what lets me rise. it doesn’t matter how long relationships between souls are.

one look, one month or one life – it`s not important.

what counts is how much we open our hearts to this encounter, how deep and pure it is and how much we let us touch by this. I want to feel these souls. know more about strangers, hear about their lives and connect with them.

and I want to share it with you.

soon I will start a new column called “beautiful souls”. I will make pictures of persons who cross my way and touch my heart. like this, you can look in their eyes, feel their energy and maybe it will touch you the same way..




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edited by nomadissima


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