I asked myself why people aren’t living their dreams and made a list with reasons why you should neither.

please watch out, this post is full of irony!


reasons why you shouldn’t live your dream:

my dream is too expensive.
yes of course. what could be too expensive to make you really really happy?

first I have to finish my study.
I know. and then make career. because you didn’t study for nothing.

or have children.
and then you have to wait until they are 29. because they will need you until then.

or buy a house.
and paying the rest of your life the hypothecary credit back.


my parents think I should do something else.
of course they know what’s the best for you!

I think I should do something else.
why are you thinking this if it doesn’t make you happy? maybe you should let go of these thoughts?

my boy/girlfriend doesn’t have the same passion for this.
well. maybe it’s not the right boy/girlfriend then..

I don’t earn a lot of money.
we all know that money can buy everything. even happiness.

or prestige.
only you have to look up to you.

I am afraid.
then you can be sure that exactly THIS would make you happy the most! (NOT ironic)

I think I can’t do this.
yeah.. you shouldn’t try. failure is so awkward and it happens only to you.

I already tried it. it didn’t work.
mhm. trying a bunch of times is so yesterday. and it’s just for your dream. not so important then.

somebody else tried it. it didn’t work.
uh yes that’s a big reason. you should always compare, this is THE key to happiness. (yes. this one IS ironic)

I don’t want to grow.

I don’t want to be happy.

as you can see, we all make a lot of excuses before living our dream life. but I hope for you, that one day, you take heart and start living the life you have always imagined!

living your dream


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