do you have a dream?

I guess so. everybody has (at least) one.

when I was 4 or 5 years, I wanted to be a cow girl and a squaw (yes, both. for kids nothing is impossible). I visualized to ride in the endless prairie and feel the infinite freedom. I had a lot of dreams where a white wolf came to me and showed me the intact forest I wanted to live in. I also flew together with an eagle over the world. it was wonderful.

later in my teenage years I wanted to live in a small hut next to the beach. listen to music, enjoy the sun andmeet lovely free souls. I wished to live very elementary and naturally.


and then, a terrible thing happened to me. a destiny every child is exposed to during its grown up.

the adults smiled at my dreams or told me it would be impossible to realize it.

so I forgot about it. more and more this big heart wishes had to make way for fashion, educations and prestige.

the years passed by and I started to feel the need to remember and go back to my roots. at this time I restarted to wish like an innocent wise soul as children are. since I began to dream without any limits I feel more satisfaction in my life and I see the sense of my actions.

I mean why shouldn’t we dream?

why should we restrict our wishes?

what about you? what was the dream you had when you were a boy/girl? did you ever think about why exactly you have (had) this dream? are you living this desire? if not, why? what is holding you back? some really logical, rational reasons every grown up would understand?

when did you start to restrict your dreams? why? are you happy without living your wishes? or did you replace your heart wishes with any status symbols you look more rich, sexy, beautiful, powerful.. clever in?

the most beautiful thing about life is, we always can go back to our heart wishes. to our pure self. to our divinity.
we can start a new life every day, every hour. with every decision we do. with every step we do.

let’s go!



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