since the age of 18, I dream to walk the camino de santiago. I don’t remember why this is my wish, but it still exists. now, with the age of 25, I take my backpack and my hiking boots and tackle this route.


I feel free, happy, fulfilled. meet wonderful souls every day. we share our passion,
have one goal.
almost every night we sleep out in nature – between some trees or under the beautiful starry sky, next to the beach.

I arrive to be present and live the total abundance of the moment. I am so connected with my inner self, fall in love with my life and the wonderful spirits I meet. I was never happy like this before. It feels so true, deep and peaceful.

back home, nothing really fits. I feel prisoned. it looks like my soul is still wandering on these beautiful coast in spain. my life and everything around it seems worthless. peace or happiness are feelings I don’t remember anymore. it is empty inside of me, my heart is closed. I don’t want to live any longer..

arrived at this new low-point, I start to ask myself questions.

what do I really-REALLY want? what would I do, if I couldn’t fail?

the answer always is the same: traveling!
now, finally I know what to do!! I want to explore the world..


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