i am in a fairytale – also called cappadocia, the land of horses

hello to everybody!


in my last post i wrote that i love to travel by bus.. mhm..  it was before i remembered how it actually is 😜

now i have a sprained arm and a stiff neck..  but there you go to hear the whole story 😊


have fun!  lots of love ❤



you can call me captain now :p

i did sailing for the first time today!!  wooohooooo 😁


tomorrow my easy life will stop for a bit,  i will start to work for a lovely family and looking after their sweet 3 year old boy 😊


goodnight to everyone and sleep well 😘


why sindbad was upset and the guys from the hostel laughed tears watching this video

hey guys!
oh my good what an incredible life i live at the moment! 🙂


yesterday swimming in the sea even it was raining and stormy! amaaaaazing!!!


after kayaking the first time. cooool!! 🙂
and today horseriding.

i had a beautiful horse called sindbad (exactly same character as i have).


it was a very relaxing walk, sindbad and me had some problems to walk that slowly, we both wanted a bit more action.. but they didn’t let us..



after the ride i found out that sindbad is actually a girl?! and i could understand now why she was upset. i would feel the same in her position: pretty girl and the name of a male pirat..!!


but i am not going to tell you more.
watch the video and i hope that one part makes you laugh the same than me 😂






lots of love


turkish crazy

i love turkey and the turks.

i really really do. ❤




but when it comes to turkish people and me, there are some questions..


normally a conversation starts like this:

“..”= turkish people
‘..’= me

“where are you from?”
“what are you doing in turkey?”



“walking??? whyyyy??????”
’cause i like it.’

“????”, ” aaaah…”, “(i guess she’s crazy..)”





“where is your husband?”
‘i am single.’

“you are alone?? why????”

“aahh.”, “(she MUST be crazy)”





after this shock, anyway they see that i am a nice person and relax a bit.





“stefan”, (they can’t say stephania, i don’t know why ^^),
“here you have some food. my wife made it.”
‘thank you so much hassan, but i don’t eat animal products, i try to eat vegan.’


“….”, “(definitely she IS crazy!!!!!)”




and this from guys who drive like crazy. very fast in the one-way-street.
(in switzerland even the birds respect the traffic regulations and fly in the right direction…)

“i am sorry i have to drive that fast. here’s one-way-street. i have to pass as fast as possible because of the drivers coming from the opposite.”


*police stands next to it. noticing it.*


“they are looking for terrorits. they don’t care how i drive”
‘….’, ‘aah..’, ‘(they are crazy!)’





from guys who are wearing guns like swiss people wear briefcases..


“because of the boars!”
‘…..’, ‘ aaahh..’, ‘(definitely they ARE crazy!!!)




from guys like this:


“stefan, come!”
‘my name’s stephania’

“yes i know. it’s what i said.
stefan, come!”





‘mmmhh.. maybe i am a bit crazy’

“I felt like i hurt you last night. I thought maybe i shouldn’t have kissed you. Or touched.

I felt guilty after.

I had the feeling i broke you. I am so sorry”,

He says.




“You are right. I am hurt. I am broken. But not through you.”,

She replies.





He broke her.

The only one who ever should have been her protector.

The one who should have take her in his strong, powerful arms when she was innocent and vulnerable and needed him the most.



But he needs her in a different way, he whispered in her ear.

He feels lonely, he said.

She is the only one who understands him, and can give him what he needs, he said.



And then he took it from her.


In the dark of the night, when no one could see it.

When the curtains where closed and mama was sleeping.


He took it, and he broke it.


Her heart. Her trust. Her childhood.






“In moments like this”, she says, “when you come close to me and want to feel me, i am still broken.

But I am strong and i am a fighter.

Even when i am hurt, even when I am still bust.

I heal.

Because love and trust are stronger than anything else.

And i love, and i trust.

A billion times and more”, she wispers.




And her eyes are shining.


What i wish for you ♡

I sit at the beach and listen to the waves.

My body is laying in the sand and i feel the breathe of mother earth.


I close my eyes, but still see the endless universe with its wonderful stars.

Surrounded by all this love and peace, my tears are flowing. My heart is overwhelmed and overflowing of love, and sadness..

And i send a prayer to heaven.


I wish you love to heal your broken heart.

Truth to hear the wispering voice of your soul.

Peace to listen to your still heart.

Trust to make the right decisions, guided by your inner knowledge.

Wisdom to do it in an easy, smooth way.

Power to stand in for what your soul and heart want and need.

The knowledge that you are never alone, guided and loved by all your angels, sparkling fairies and god.

May you find a love who can help you heal.

A soulmate who brings you back to innocence – the place where your heart is and the beeing you truly are.

I wish you a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic..

This, and more..

Goodnight, beautiful soul ♡